Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hill Park Cemetery

Hill Park Cemetery
10499 E 20th Street, Independence, MO

Frank James (d 1915) is buried here with his wife, Ann Ralston James (d 1944) (Ralston street is nearby) two confederate soldiers, along with Adam Hill and his immediate and extended family members.  The cemetery was once a part of land owned by the Hills before becoming a public park. 

The small cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall and has an iron gate.  It appears to never be closed.  This is at the top of Hill Park off of 23rd Street in Independence. The best way to get to it is to go North to 20th Street and park in the small parking area next to the cemetery. 

A misty figure of a person with a white glow walks over the hill nightly.  Neighbors say they’ve seen the lighted apparition often. Civil War soldiers have been spotted marching in the park, which used to be an area heavily traveled during the Battle of Westport. 

Note: see my article on Rotary Park right across the street from this location (down the hill across 23rd street) and where the ghost of Anne Ralston has been seen many times by me and my team. 

Margie Kay is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and author of Haunted Independence and Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide. See more info at

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