Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Get Rid of Ghosts

Before considering asking spirits to leave a place, think about what would happen if they were gone. Are ghosts good for business in a hotel or restaurant? If so, the owners may not want the spirits to leave.  If the spirit likes being in a location, are they hurting anyone by being there?  If not, maybe the best thing to do is to leave them alone. However, if the ghost is scaring people and you need to get rid of it there are a few methods that have worked well for me. 

The first method is to simply ask the ghost to leave.  That may sound too simple, but it usually works.  You may want to talk to it and explain why by saying “You are scaring us,” or “This is ____________’s house and she is not comfortable having you here.”, then calmly ask it to go away. If this doesn’t work right away, try talking in a firmer voice without yelling or getting angry. Anger only gives more power to negative spirits  

 As I mentioned earlier, ghosts may not be aware that they are dead, so you may have to explain to them that they are no longer part of the physical world and that they should look around for their spirit guides and move on towards the light. I close my eyes and visualize the spirit going into the light and ask the spirit to go to the light with their family members. There are always loved ones waiting to assist a spirit cross over.. This method has been very successful for me.  Some spirits are reluctant, but if you tell them that it will be better for them this way, they eventually move on. 
If you don’t feel like you are communicating, call in an experienced medium.  This can usually be accomplished in one visit.  If the medium finds that the spirit wants help with something, and it is something they can do, or you can do, by all means go ahead and do it.  That may be the only reason the spirit is staying behind.  If there is nothing you can do, have the medium communicate that you wish you could help but you can’t, and it would be best for the spirit to move on. 

If the spirit simply refuses, try not giving it any attention or talking about it at all. This takes energy away from the spirit. Don’t show any fear, because the energy of fear empowers negative spirits.  Also do not use a Ouija board or have anything to do with the supernatural, which could open doors to the spirit world and allow the spirit more access during the time you are trying to get it to leave, and until you are certain it is gone. 

Go about your daily routine, and when something happens that can only be attributed to a ghost try to ignore it.  The ghost may give up and move on if its intentions were only to get your attention.  

f it looks like the problem is more sinister, or there are multiple spirits in the house, you will probably want to engage the services of an experienced psychic, medium, or ghost hunter. Find someone who has a lot of experience and check references if at all possible.

 See  “Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide” for more information about how to handle many types of entities.  

Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio Show. She is the author of Gateway to the Dead, Haunted Independence, and 12 more books on various topics.  Visit for more information.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Burr Oak Woods Entity?

I received the following e-mail from a man in 2006 which I just ran across again today and thought it would be a good idea to post it on the blog for everyone to see. The next time you go out to Burr Oak don’t go alone! The email is here, in entirety with no editing:

“Hello Margie:  I live here in eastern Jackson County. I heard your radio show today with you and those other ladies about ghostly apparitions and poltergeists activities and so forth. The show was interesting and thought provoking. I have an incident that happened to me about 5 years ago that I want to tell you about.

I have told very few people about this. Two of the people I told since thought I was not telling the truth or maybe I was seeing things and did not take me seriously. I was walking out at a State Park called Burr Oak Woods which I live near.

It was a very cold January day in 2001 and probably about in the nearly 20’s temp wise. I used to take long walks in the woods and I found it very relaxing. I was walking in some very dense forests in that park. After walking through a grove of big oak trees I came into a clearing.  Right in front of me was a man standing a few feet away from me.  What was strange- right away I noticed was that the man was standing with his back to me. I walked two more steps thinking he would turn and maybe say hello or something to that effect. But I immediately had a very strange feeling fall over me.

 I sensed that there was something terribly wrong.  At that point I wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible.  So I started walking away from him, always facing him.  I was really a little scared at this point because he still had his back to me.  I kept on walking backwards until I got about 100 yards or so away from him.  All this time he was still there standing with his back to me. 

Burr Oak Woods  Photo: Google Earth
When I got what I thought was a relatively safe distance away from him I put my binoculars to get a closer look at him.  As soon as I got the binoculars focused on him then at that time he turned around to look at me.  It’s as though he knew I was looking at him with the binoculars.  It was truly one of the most EVIL looking faces I ever saw on a human being. With two bad knees- I took off running and got out of the forest. One other thing that I thought was really strange: It was very cold and all this guy had on was a seemingly thin pair of slacks and a dark gray short=sleeved shirt. I remember the incident as if it were yesterday.

Any thoughts or ideas as to what this might have been I would be grateful to hear.  J. D. Grain Valley, Missouri”

I took a look at a map and Burr Oak Woods is less than a mile away from Lake Tapawingo and Blue Springs Lake, where many strange things have been reported to me over the past few years including bigfoot and UFO sightings, and strange lights in the water. I wonder if the witness did not see a human at all but something else entirely.  Margie Kay

Burr Oak Woods Nature Center
1401 NW Park Rd.
Blue Springs, MO 64015 
Located one mile north of I-70 on Highway 7, then one mile west on Park Road.


Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine.  She is the author of Gateway to the Dead, Haunted Independence, and 12 other books.  Visit for more information. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Un-X Office Haunted by Pesky Spirit

The offices for Un-X News Magazine are haunted. We have been in this location for six years and have had infrequent visitations with crashing sounds that cannot be located, heavy steps on the two staircases, and audible voices. However, during the past six months activity has steadily increased and we are now getting footage of ghostly happenings on the security cameras.

Last week my bookkeeper and I were looking at the security camera monitor when we noticed movement in the break room which triggered the motion detector. Then the motion detector went off in three more rooms and finally outside the front door, as if someone were walking through the building, but no one was in the building except the two of us.

Yesterday my secretary went upstairs to the bookkeeper's office and she found a box of receipts on the ground with the receipts on the floor underneath it. We reviewed the security camera tapes, and at 8:35 a.m. in the morning, before anyone went up the steps, the box fell over, and two receipts could be seen falling out onto the ground. Four seconds later, three orbs come up from where the receipts were lying and shot off in different directions. Outside of the camera's view the box was found sitting straight up with the receipts underneath it.

Later, while reviewing tapes an orb was caught as it flew across the room. One of stills is below. The orb returned a few seconds later and went the opposite direction. 

Orb caught on security camera at Un-X News Magazine offices
February 7, 2015
Copyright 2015 by Maria McKenzie

Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine.  She is the author of Gateway to the Dead, Haunted Independence, and 12 other books.  Visit for more information.